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USBGear USB Microphone and Speaker Dongle (Input/Output)

USBGear USB Microphone and Speaker Dongle (Input/Output)

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USBGear USB Microphone and Speaker Dongle (Input/Output)

Operating System Compatibility



OUT OF STOCK (more units available by Feb 2006) USB SOUND ADAPTER MINI COMPACT COOL DESIGN, USB Microphone and Speaker Dongle

Chat or learn a new language on-line! This
lightweight dongle provides a convenient
way to hook up a microphone or speaker by
simply plugging the dongle into an available
USB port. This USB dongle provides a simple
digital audio solution for your Mac or PC.
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--> General Features:
- White
- USB 1.1 compliant
- 1-foot length
- Supports 16-bit mono/stereo for 24-bit stereo
downstream (D/A converter)
- Supports 8-bit mono and 16-bit mono/stereo for
upstream (A/D converter)
- 6.4 to 48 KHz sample rates
- Superior signal-to-noise ratio
- Volume Up button
- Volume Down button
- Mute button
- USB Bus powered device
- No Sound card needed

--> Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
- Mac OS 10.x or later

--> Regulatory Approvals:
- CE

--> Retail Blister Pack Includes:
- USB Microphone and Speaker Dongle
- Driver on 3-inch CD ------------------------------------ Info about chip used inside:
  • Features:
  • Micronas UAC3556B Chip
  • Single-chip, USB specification 2.0 compliant, stereo audio A/D and D/A converter
  • Supports 8/16bit mono/stereo recording and up to 24 bit playback
  • Supports streaming of compressed audio (Dolby Digital, MP3) to external decoder
  • Vendor Identification and Device Configuration with external EEPROM
  • Bus-powered and self-powered mode possible
  • Remote wake-up
  • 12 general-purpose I/O pins with HID support
  • I2S input/output interface
  • Independent adaptive sample rates of 6.4 to 48 kHz for USB recording and playback (enhanced full duplex)
  • Audio baseband control: bass, treble, loudness, volume, balance, and mute
  • Dynamic bass management (Micronas Dynamic Bass (MDB)
  • Digital speaker equalizer 5-band parametric equalizer)
  • Adjustable digital active crossover filter for subwoofer
  • THD better than 90 dB and SNR of typ. 96 dB for D/A converters
  • THD better than 90 dB and SNR of typ. 92 dB for A/D converters
  • power supply rejection ratio >95 dB for analog outputs
  • integrated low-power stereo headphone amplifier
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Tech Specs * Available USB port * Sound Devices with 3.5 mm jack * CD-ROM drive (to load driver) * Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP * Mac OS 10.x or later